Ready to Launch

By Gloria Cassidy | Mar 21, 2019

I will be launching my website in a few days. I’m excited to have my art available for viewing on the internet. I visited the poppy fields in Lancaster and stood in awe with hundreds of neon orange poppies with their faces open to the viewing public. I feel like a poppy opening up to […]



By Gloria Cassidy | Mar 17, 2015

a Beckoning Flame I want to see. I want to look away. I’m like a child who closes her eyes so that no one can see her. When her eyes are closed she is safe. Curiously, she notices the orange on the inside of her eyes. It beckons Light is a powerful force. Able to […]



By Gloria Cassidy | Mar 3, 2015

Shrouded with mystery. Wrapped and then transformed. The iris is shrouded, wrapped and subjected to heat. Only the pigment will remain holding onto the silk fibers. The heat is the force behind this transformation. I could leave it in the sun to allow a slower heating. Pigment can be hammered or pressed into the fiber. […]


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