Gloria Cassidy was born and raised in Southern California, and currently lives in Santa Clarita. She has always been creative but in 2017, she decided to pursue life as an artist.

As a member of the Santa Clarita Artists Association, known as the SCAA, they have provided her with a venue to show her work at several of their gallery shows. Her drawing, Essence, won 2nd place in dry medium category at the SCAA Art Classic in September of 2018. Her other piece, Hidden, received a merit award.

"I have a basic need to create. My art teaches and heals me. I want to share my journey."

Six of her drawings have been shown around Santa Clarita. Her drawings, Essence and Hidden was displayed at Santa Clarita City Hall from December in 2018 thru February of 2019. Four of her drawings are being displayed at the Hyatt Valencia, those being In Bloom, Offered Hope, Eve, and Song.

She continues to paint, draw, and produce beautiful fiber art, with a strong desire to learn and grow her skills.