Shrouded with mystery. Wrapped and then transformed.

The iris is shrouded, wrapped and subjected to heat. Only the pigment will remain holding onto the silk fibers. The heat is the force behind this transformation. I could leave it in the sun to allow a slower heating. Pigment can be hammered or pressed into the fiber. Left shrouded and allowed to rest would also allow some of the color to stain the cloth. ‘

Heat, pressure, or time will each achieve a transfer result. I would like the most pigment possible to infiltrate my fiber so I will use heat. I am wanting God’s best colors to infiltrate my self. I am willing to be processed by heat. Perhaps part of the tapestry of my soul needs a touch of pastel. well then less heat longer time processing. I want to be fiber in His hands ready to receive the markings and shades needed to bring the potential of who I am to full fruition.

And now to prepare and mordant my heart.

newport 8 1 and drawings 001
she waits and is ready

daily life does its necessary work.

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