bird of paradise a Beckoning Flame

I want to see. I want to look away. I’m like a child who closes her eyes so that no one can see her. When her eyes are closed she is safe. Curiously, she notices the orange on the inside of her eyes. It beckons

Light is a powerful force. Able to call out from far away. It draws life to it. Moths to the flames. Ships to safety. People to a campfire.

IMG_3392 calling

While admiring the complex design of this Bird of Paradise flower she whispered her desire to let me see her flames and beckoned me to look closely. I imagine my tiny self when newborn. Seeking recognition. Maybe I have no memory of this at all. But it is very strong and feels like memory woven tightly into my brain.

Look at me. Please. The little human cried out with her deep brown eyes. Can you see me? She pleaded with her infant abilities. I am in here. I am wanting you to love me. I have no words. I beckon you with my eyes.


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