Absorbing and retaining color

I remember. 30 years ago I spent many days seeing mostly grey with muted colors. Not realizing that my perception was dulled by an illness in my brain. I began accepting treatment for depression and within weeks I noticed a bougainvillea bush with amazingly bright flowers. It was like the movie The Wizard of Oz. Upon entering the Oz land the movie went from black and white to color. The difference being, color had always been there but the illness had a profound influence on my perception.

I have been manipulating fabric and plants as an expression of the colors seen and colors unseen that absorb into, and become part of my soul.

Eco dye using plants from my yard.

Red rose petals scattered across the top. Purple irises made purple Aqua and bright green across the center of this piece.I think the pollen made the yellow/green and Aqua. Across the bottom the orange and spots of blue are from nasturtiums.

this piece was created using blackberries, pomegranite blossoms and rose petals.

Im just playing and not following any formula. I did soak the silk in water and alum.  After bundleing I steam it. I think that it is recommended to leave it bundled for a day or more but I get to excited to see the magic! I think that is why most of my pieces are light like water colors.  I do want to make dramatic pieces where leaves and twigs are well defined and in rich tones. 


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