A reoccurring dream.
Walking,traveling, with a group of adults. Mostly young some old and active.
I have been dreaming this dream sequence since I was 13. Each time there is progress through changing areas and views.
We are Following water streams
Going up to their source.
Cannot see the faces but know each individual well. We have traveled together for a long time.
I remember going past this same area before. Maybe we have been traveling in a circle.
Dull sandy rust toned rocks.
Bright red and orange beneath cool water.
Sounds…gurgling, twinkling like glass chimes, rock against rock, rock against sand as people travel in and around the stream.
No words are exchanged.
In one accord journeying to a goal greatly desired yet unknown.
We are seeking a place. A place where we belong. A safe nest. A fertile waterway full of life’s potential.


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